How to develop a writing routine by writing while commuting

If I hadn’t started writing during my commute, I don’t think I would have finished a single novel.

I mentioned my problems with procrastination in my post, My origin story, Part 2: Becoming a romance writer. It was only when I linked writing with the ingrained habit of commuting that I was able to sustain a writing habit.

That’s why I’m a huge advocate of writing while commuting — for those who can incorporate it into their lives.

So, partly to encourage others to try writing during their commute, and partly as an homage to my lost commute, I’ve created this 2-part video series on commuter writing.

The commuter writer: Part 1
The #1 reason why you should be writing during your commute

  • 00:11 Introduction
  • 01:31 How I became a commuter writer
  • 06:54 The #1 reason why you should be writing while commuting
  • 09:17 Some other good reasons to write during your commute
  • 10:57 In conclusion…

The commuter writer: Part 2
5 great tips for commuter writers

  • 00:13 Introduction
  • 01:02 Tip #1: Try to get a seat + Bonus tip: If you can’t sit, use your commute time to think about your writing
  • 05:23 Tip #2: Use a low and wide laptop (so it balances well on your lap)
  • 06:51 Tip #3: Don’t worry too much about privacy
  • 09:12 Tip #4: Make your writing setup comfortable and ergonomic (includes some show & tell)
  • 14:17 Tip #5: Be safe
  • 15:06 In conclusion…

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