My Books

First, to answer the question of the hour — no, I don’t have any books published, and I don’t have any books available for purchase. Please see A new romance writers thoughts on getting published, if you’re interested in my plans.

Romance is a broad genre, so saying ‘I write romance novels’ is vague, I know. So, here are some keywords for my books to give you an idea of what I write:

  • smart
  • dramatic
  • fun
  • fairly short
  • contemporary
  • international
  • dual-POV
  • gorgeous, good-hearted, gamma heroes
  • sex! (though nothing too graphic)

I’ve written full, readable drafts of six books; they’re in varying stages of completion. I’ve drafted a blurb for each. Note that these use working titles, so they may well change.

You can also read excerpts from a couple of them.

Currently, I’m writing the third book in the Sarabian Nights series.