My Books

I’ve written a few books, all currently in varying degrees of completeness. But I’ve only published one book so far…

I’m hard at work on the rest!

His Brother’s Mistress – Available now!

When Leo Valetta died on the X1 interstate in Italy, it became his younger brother Matteo’s job to ‘handle things’. However, Matt doesn’t do a great job at handling the attraction he feels when he meets Leo’s secret mistress, Lucy. But there’s no way he’s giving into his feelings; he’s vowed to never betray his brother again, not in this life or the next.

When Lucy Alberti found herself pregnant and alone in Italy after her husband’s death, she accepted help from his employer, Leo Valetta. She didn’t have much choice.

But she never intended to stay in his luxurious apartment for so long. And now that Leo is dead, is it really any surprise that Leo’s whole family, including his wife, thinks she was his mistress?

Will Lucy ever be able to convince them otherwise? And why does it seem particularly important to convince gorgeous Matt Valetta, who seems more determined than anyone else to think the worst of her?

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