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Sarabian Nights series

Book 1: The Sheikh and the Chaperone

Sheikh Khalid bin Nasrallah Al Tariq loves his free-wheeling, globe-trotting, bachelor life, as long as he’s allowed to forget that he’s heir to the throne of Sarab.

What he doesn’t love is the meddling of his manipulative father, the Emir of Sarab. So, when his father orders him back home to meet some important dignitaries, Khalid is furious to learn those ‘dignitaries’ are in fact a pop singer — set to perform a concert in their tiny Arab kingdom — and her stick-in-the-mud sister.

Penny Lucas has followed her superstar sister Lex around the world for seven years. But, she’s getting tired of people viewing her as nothing more than her sister’s lackey, and is nearly ready to follow her own path in life. If she can just figure out what that path is…

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First, to answer the question of the hour — no, I don’t have any books published, and I don’t have any books available for purchase. Please see A new romance writers thoughts on getting published, if you’re interested in my plans.

Romance is a broad genre, so saying ‘I write romance novels’ is vague, I know. So, here are some keywords for my books to give you an idea of what I write:

  • smart
  • dramatic
  • fun
  • fairly short
  • contemporary
  • international
  • dual-POV
  • gorgeous, good-hearted, gamma heroes
  • sex! (though nothing too graphic)

I’ve written full, readable drafts of six books; they’re in varying stages of completion. I’ve drafted a blurb for each. Note that these use working titles, so they may well change.

You can also read excerpts from a couple of them.

Currently, I’m writing the third book in the Sarabian Nights series.