Month: May 2020

When I tell people I write romance novels, as I occasionally do, they always ask, “Are you published?”

When I say, “No,” they seem to lose all interest.

I get it. If someone told me they’d written a novel, I’d definitely wonder if it was published. And if it wasn’t, I’d probably assume it wasn’t that great.

Not that being published means a book is good, necessarily. ‘Good’ is, of course, subjective. But, if a book has made it through a publishing process, that’s at least some arbiter of its quality. Even if a book is self-published, you have to go to some trouble to do that, so I’d assume its quality might likely be higher than a book sitting solely on the author’s computer.

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Hi, I’m Winter. Welcome to my blog!

This blog is about all things romance – but mostly about writing, reading, and viewing romance.

I’m hoping this blog will appeal to romance writers and romance fans, but also to romance ‘noobs’ (as my sons would call them) who want to learn more about the genre – including those who just don’t quite get it.

This blog is also about me and my life as a romance writer. I’ve been writing for a while, but now I’m getting my books out there. If you subscribe below, I’ll be sure to update you when I have new books available! And in the meantime, you can read blurbs for my books, and excerpts, if you’re interested.

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