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Sarabian Nights series

Book 1: The Sheikh and the Chaperone

Sheikh Khalid bin Nasrallah Al Tariq loves his free-wheeling, globe-trotting, bachelor life, as long as he’s allowed to forget that he’s heir to the throne of Sarab.

What he doesn’t love is the meddling of his manipulative father, the Emir of Sarab. So, when his father orders him back home to meet some important dignitaries, Khalid is furious to learn those ‘dignitaries’ are in fact a pop singer — set to perform a concert in their tiny Arab kingdom — and her stick-in-the-mud sister.

Penny Lucas has followed her superstar sister Lex around the world for seven years. But, she’s getting tired of people viewing her as nothing more than her sister’s lackey, and is nearly ready to follow her own path in life. If she can just figure out what that path is…

Penny is shocked to find herself attracted to Lex’s crush, the gorgeous Sheikh Khalid who she’d assumed was nothing more than a shallow playboy.

But does she really want to get caught in the shadow of another superstar when she’s just beginning to find her own life?

Book 2: The Sheikha

Bram Maguire wasn’t ready to head home when he retired from the US military — he’s not even sure he has a home to go back to. So he stayed in the Middle East, hoping to cash in on the demand for security specialists with Special Ops training.

When he’s hired by the Emir of Sarab, and the Emir warns him to keep his hands off his beautiful, pious daughter, Bram isn’t worried. He knows how to control his actions. The bigger problem is his thoughts, which seem intent on drifting to Sheikha Safiya every single night.

Safiya bint Nasrallah Al Tariq isn’t the most observant Muslim around, but she certainly doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Besides, she’s busy with more important things than men.

So why does she keep having X-rated thoughts about a certain American ex-Delta Force soldier and present Chief of Palace Security? It doesn’t help that Captain Maguire seems to think he’s her personal bodyguard, and insists on following her everywhere. Or that her father is ‘gently encouraging’ her into an arranged marriage with another man…

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Vargas Brothers series

Book 1: Island Embrace

Ellen Macleod grew up fast when she was forced from an early age to care for her troubled father. When he dies, she’s gripped by a need to do something spontaneous and out of character, so she books a solo trip to Costa Turquesa, the obscure Caribbean resort where her parents spent their honeymoon.

Resort co-owner Dominic Vargas does not sleep with guests — he leaves that kind of thing to his trouble-making brother, Raphael. But when Dominic meets strange and lovely Ellen, he’s kind of glad his brother isn’t around.

But Dominic has seen way too many holiday romances end badly, and knows getting involved with a fragile, grief-stricken woman who lives in a different world is a very bad idea. So why does he keep running into her? And why can’t he stop thinking about her?

Ellen feels a powerful attraction for gorgeous but surly Dominic. Can she convince him that, if they give into their lust, she won’t get hurt? And does she really believe it herself?

Book 2: Island Impulse

Raphael Vargas – co-owner of Costa Turquesa resort – earned his reputation as the ‘easy’ Vargas brother, and he enjoyed doing it. But, secretly, he’s started to feel that limitless, meaningless sex might be overrated.

Super-serious resort CFO Fiona Talbot ‘keeps herself to herself’, as her mother likes to say. Sure, she harboured a deep crush on insanely hot Raphael once upon a time, but she’s long since outgrown that. Now, she’s only interested in one thing from him…

Raphael is flabbergasted when Fiona asks him to father her child. Has she lost her mind? Has she met him? But while he’s undecided about fatherhood, he suddenly remembers that curvaceous Fiona is just his type, and maybe he shouldn’t be taking that vow of celibacy quite yet.

When passion erupts, and feelings Fiona has long denied start to resurface, she has to ask herself, what exactly were her motives in asking Raphael to father her child? And will she have the strength to walk away from him?

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Standalone Novels

His Brother’s Mistress

When Leo Valetta died on the X1 interstate in Italy, it became his younger brother Matteo’s job to ‘handle things’. However,  Matt doesn’t do a great job at handling the attraction he feels when he meets Leo’s secret mistress, Lucy. But there’s no way he’s giving into his feelings; he’s vowed to never betray his brother again, not in this life or the next.

When Lucy Alberti found herself pregnant and alone in Italy after her husband’s death, she accepted help from his employer, Leo Valetta. She didn’t have much choice.

But she never intended to stay in his luxurious apartment for so long. And now that Leo is dead, is it really any surprise that Leo’s whole family, including his wife, thinks she was his mistress?

Will Lucy ever be able to convince them otherwise? And why does it seem particularly important to convince gorgeous Matt Valetta, who seems more determined than anyone else to think the worst of her?

Love Me Later

Rock musician and former child prodigy Cleo Turner fell hard for Duncan Sinclair the day she met him at her sister and his brother’s engagement party. But, Cleo wasn’t quite seventeen, and she knew of course that she was way too young for the gorgeous twenty-eight year old.

But that didn’t stop her from dreaming about him, or feeling jealous when he paraded one beautiful and accomplished girlfriend after another in front of her. But as years pass, and Duncan continues to keep her at arm’s length, she starts to wonder if there’s something wrong with her.

Duncan isn’t immune to his in-law’s sister, but he knows he has to keep his distance, especially if they want a chance at getting together someday in the future. But, by the time he makes a move, will he be able to convince proud and volatile Cleo that he won’t keep hurting her?